Eliminate the problems associated with reusable cables

Tired of defective cables? You believe infection rate can be improved? You want a safe, reliable and cost effective solution?

Sterile and Tested

ul-li-image FastLock is designed together with professional end-users, 
servicing unique features.

ul-li-image Each FastLock is 100% tested before leaving the company.

ul-li-image FastLock is guaranteed 100% sterile.

ul-li-image FastLock is colour coded to differentiate ventricular 
and arterial pacing

Cost Reducing

ul-li-image FastLock is compatible with all commercially available 
external pacemakers.

ul-li-image FastLock is economic in use by eliminating re-sterilisation 

ul-li-image FastLock can be packed individual or with temporary 
pacing wires