The Assurance of Hospital Grade Therapy at Home

The Newly Re-Released Aeroneb Go MicroPump Nebuliser now features a Twist-Fit and Boilable Nebuliser that resolves any issues related to the earlier version. The Aeroneb Go is a fast, efficient, simple-to-use device developed specifically for those millions of patients worldwide who require respiratory therapy/aerosol therapy in and away from home.

Fast & Efficient

ul-li-image Rapid treatment times (approx. 7.5mins for a 3ml dose)

ul-li-image Delivers high quality respirable aerosol (3.6 µm MMAD)

ul-li-image Aerosolises to the last drop, minimises medication waste

ul-li-image Simple and easy use and clean

Cleaning Options

The Aeroneb Go can be cleaned in a number of ways:

ul-li-image Boiling for up to 20mins

ul-li-image Cleaning with a solution of warm water & mild detergent

ul-li-image Sterilising in a steam baby bottle steriliser

ul-li-image Disinfecting in a vinegar solution

Convenient & Discrete

ul-li-image Lightweight (60g handset fits comfortably into hand)

ul-li-image Virtually silent (eliminating the need for a noisy compressor)

ul-li-image Highly portable, will fit discretely into a school bag, purse or

ul-li-image Small luggage item


Sound Level: <35dBa at 1 meter

Medication Cup Capacity: 6ml

Residual Volume: Typically <0.02ml

Average Flow Rate: 0.4ml/min

Average Particle Size: 3.6µm MMAD

Two Power Options: AA batteries or AC/DC

For further information Contact Us or speak to your Physiotherapist or Respiratory Clinician